Język angielski

Język angielski

Biografia Kazimierza Górskiego

Już po raz kolejny proszę o napisanie biografii powyżej wymienionej osoby. Lecz teraz proszę o bezbłędne przetłumaczenie:

Kazimierz Górski przyszedł na świat 2 marca 1921 roku we Lwowie. Od najmłodszych lat był związany z piłk...

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Nazwy tygodnia i miesiąca

Monday ? poniedziałek
Tuesday ?wtorek
Wednesday ? środa
Thursday ? czwartek
Friday ? piątek
Saturday ? sobota
Sunday ? niedziela

Styczeń ? January
Luty ? February
Marzec ? March
Kwiecień ? April

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Phrasal Verbs

Answer back- pyskować
Answer for- ponosić odpowiedzialność

Ask after- dopytywać się o cos
Ask out- zaprosić (do kina)

Babble on- marudzić

Back up- udzielić poparcia

Be after- chcieć, dąży...

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USA - places worth visiting

The USA is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Many tourists from all over the world come to visit this country. The USA is famous for its numerous historic buildings, monuments, museums, galleries, parks, theatres, cinemas, etc.

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Christmas in Britain

Balloons, paper lanterns and other decorations.Most people have a Christmas treein their sitting room.They decorate it with tinsel, baubles.chocolate and small coloured lights called ‘fairy lights’, and on the top of the tree they put a fairy (o...

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life in year 2050

How you think life will have changed by the year 2050?

I think life would be a much easier. The machines will be doing most of dangerous, and hard work. Our life would be full of pleasures e.g. the free genetically engineered, but healthy f...

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Kind of houses etc.

Kinds of houses
Semi-detached house – bliźniak
Cottage – chata
Block of flats – blok
Terrached house – szeregówka
Detached house – dom wolno stojący , jednorodziny
Skyscrapers – wiezowiec


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Use of mobile phones in class


The aim of this report is to present the advantages of using mobile phones by students. I interviewed a number of students and some teachers to find out their views.

1. ...

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"Report of Gliwice" - positive and negative things

To: the Town Council
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 30 September 2005
Subject: situation in Glwice

Dear Sirs,

The aim of this report is to change the bad sides of Gliwice ...

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Animal experiments

Animal experiments.

It is claimed that Animal Experiments are necessary for the benefit of medical science and human health. However, a growing number of doctors and scientists worldwide are pointing out the fact that animal research is to...

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‘Newsweek’ - Napisz recenzję angielskiego lub ameykańskiego czasopisma, które nauczyciele języka angielskiego mogliby wykorzystywać na lekcji.

?Newsweek? is one of the most famous American newspapers. There are many different sorts of articles from sport to politics. Everyone finds there something interesting for themselves. Also at school teachers can take advantage of them.
The Top ...

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Uniforms, yes or no

Coming from a public school with no uniform policy was very good, therefore I go against uniforms. Public schools should remain with no uniforms because of the word public. Public can have many different meanings but I describe it as ?being able to ...

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English as a world language

Nowadays, a lot of people speak English. Maybe it is that because The United Kingdom and the United States are both important nations in the world of trade, business and technology. When engaged in trade and business with these nations, knowing Engl...

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Czasowniki Nieregularne

Czasowniki nieregularne ułożone w taki sposób, aby się rymowały - łatwiej zapamiętać :)...

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FEMINISM Do you think that women are discriminated against? Describe the position of women in Poland in the past and now. How do you expect the si

I think that men and women in Poland are generally equal. In the past women, not only in Poland, didn’t have right to vote or right to learn. They had to work in the house with children because a man was “head of family”. Today only in some co...

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Unemployment will increase as we use computers more and more - rozprawka (220-250 słów)

We live in times, when using machines is very popular and easy. We have contact with modern computer technology everyday.
Our life is changing. We often observe that unemployment is increasing.
Firstly, many machines do some works better and...

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Characteristic of Andrzej Lepper

This politician is an extremely characteristic person. He has grey hair and blue eyes. He has big ears and bags under his eyes. This man has a high forehead. He is rather chubby and has some wrinkles on his face. His nose is very big. The lower lip ...

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Raport about road accident

Two killed in road accident

“Two people have been killed and five others injured, two of them seriously, when a car collided with a truck on the New York road”, police declared today.

Two pedestrians were being passed by the dr...

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Charlemagne as a leader

Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, entirely deserves his name. He fulfills the criteria for being great: he changed the course of history, left world better off, and had outstanding ability and character.

Charlemagne was a very determined a...

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HOROSCOPES/SUPERSTITIONS Do you believe in this kind of things?

Some people believe in horoscopes. Regularly read them and subconsciously direct their own lives. I don’t believe in this kind of things because in my mind planets movement can’t influence our live. There are many people which have the same zodi...

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Which place in the UK or USA would you call the greatest tourist attraction?

The UK and USA ahve a lot to offer.There are many beautiful and historical places,camping sites or recreation areas.But to my mind,althought London,Edinburgh or Washington are also worth visiting,New York is number one on most tourists" lists of pla...

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Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I was born on 7th, 1533 at Greenwich Palace, near London. Her father was England?s King Henry VIII and her mother was King Henry?s second wife, Anne Boleyn. King Henry had a lot of wives! Anne Boleyn. Was beheaded, by order of the king, wh...

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Generation gap.

Generation gap is a very common phenomenon in our life. It’s something that has always arisen and will arise between children and their parents.

There are many reasons for generation gap. Young, growing up people want to be more independe...

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Zażalenie - Wzór - Complaint - Sample


Dear PHILIPS products consultant.

On 21.01.2007, I bought your hair straightener PH-202.

Unfortunately, your product has not performed well because Iron have not high temperature. I am disap...

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Mickiewicz po angielsku

Henryk Sienkiewicz, was born in 5th May 1846 in Wola Okrzejska.His familly was very poor.His father was a farmer.
They lived in Warsow.He didnt’t have any brother and sister.As a child Henryk learnt at a Grammar-School.
Later,in 1866, he w...