Should animals be kept in zoos?

A lot of people protest against keeping animals in zoos. They claim that animals should live in the wild and keeping them in captivity is cruel and inhumane. But is it really so bad and violent? Are there more advantages than disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos?

First of all, animals kept in zoos get a professional medical care, which is unavailable in their natural habitat.
Secondly, animals have plenty of food. They usually get two or three meals every day.
Moreover, animals are safe in zoos. They are protected from hunters.
Added to that, wildlife societies and zoos employees help species which are in danger of extinction.

On the other hand, animals in zoos are not in their natural habitat. Usually, they are kept in small areas or cages, so that they are not free.
What is more, animals have really stressful life. People, especially children, like watching animals lifestyles. Animals might be really tired standing in the sun and presenting their colorful skin or fur.

All in all, keeping animals in captivity can be cruel, but it is also necessary.
Frankly, it is a good idea of keeping animals in zoos, especially endangered species
(for example pandas and rhinos) because they are in safety there.

in the wild – na wolności
captivity - niewola
habitat – środowisko
wildlife societies – stowarzyszenia do ochrony dzikich zwierząt
endangered species – zagrożone gatunki
extinction – wyginięcie
cruel – okrutne
frankly - szczerze

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