You were in a bank when you witnessed a robbery. Write your description of the event.

I was very frantic when my mother asked me to go to the bank yesterday morning. When I finally came at 9 o’clock I noticed in edifice, queerly looking, young man wearing sun-glasses and having a big bag. I thought that it is strange that he wear sun-glasses in a building, but then I ignored that.
Suddenly this man took out from his bag a handgun and lead barrel on manager of this bank. Perpetrator ordered him to put one million dollars to his bag, but manager did not listen to him. He started to run away and delinquent shoot him in shoulder. I run to see if he is being alive. Fortunately he was only grazed. Some elderly woman lost consciousness, and somebody catch her when she started to falling down. The perpetrator with his partners set about doing a robbery from the safe and only two of them stayed with hostages. I seized an opportunity and called the police. After 10 minutes when they wanted to shoot somebody the police finally came.
It turned out that this criminals were demandable all over the Europe. The Police took them to the prison. Everybody was still terrified.

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