“Wakacje za granicą – wady i zalety” rozprawka

Most people dream about holidays when they work or study. Every year a lot of holiday-makers go abroad to have a nice time there. However, travelling abroad has good and bad points.
Firstly, holidays abroad could be very interesting because we have a possibility to meet people from other countries. Secondly, we can see another culture: visit museums, art galleries, old churches and monuments. Apart from that during our stay abroad we have an opportunity to admire the landscape, taste other dishes, observe people: what they look like, what clothes they wear. If we choose a Mediterranean country we are likely to have a sunny and hot weather.
On the other hand, a lot of people tend to have problems with foreign languages. Consequently, they feel unsure, have problems with shopping or are in troubles when they get lost. Sometimes holiday-makers can’t get used to a different climate. A lot of travellers, especially men, want to eat Polish dishes abroad, what is usually impossible. Sometimes people have different customs, so we have to read about them ( for example in Bulgaria you nod your head saying no) in order to avoid problems.
All in all, if we want to have great holidays we have to prepare everything in detail. Most of us look forward to vacations impatiently and invest money into them. If we work hard we need to rest and relax so we should do everything to avoid disappointment.

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