Advantages and disadvantages of being on a diet.

Do you think that the best method of loosing kilograms is to be on a diet? For the people who are desperate it could be effective, but not always. Nowadays we can find many examples of people who use diet as the best method of being fit. Do you think they are right in their way of thinking? Are we able to find another possibility to be healthy without torturing ourselves by renouncing the food?

Although we usually don’t like a diet, there are some points in favour of using it. At first , this is the oldest known way of loosing flesh. It is easy – just don’t eat so much and segregate the plates. Shortly speaking – eat like a bird J. It is cruel but that’s the reason why dieting is gaining a popularity. Mostly every teenager wants to be fit and healthy therefore he chooses a diet!

Despite popularity of diet there are many points against being on it. Why? Sometimes counting all these calories can make us mad! We are trying to be slim at any price and we can become anorectic. In the opposite situation the diet could not be finished successfully. We should know everything about our bodies and be aware that even the best “miracle-diet” can simply…not work at all. What of it that our neighbour lost 20 kilos. Diet is never the same and it’s hard to predict the results of stupid way of thinking – “I don’t eat so I am fit”. It could lead us to the hospital (problems with vitamins and bones). Did I also say that we have to have instinct of self-preservation – “Honey, can I take just a small piece of chocolate?”.

All things considered, I must say that diet is not the only way to be “healthy and wealthy”. I believe that we could also loose kilograms thanks sports activities. Perhaps keeping a slim silhouette is not so easy to do, but what is really easy now? Nothing. The best advice is to fashion our character. “Just do this!”

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