Which would you rather to do: read a novel first or see a film basted on the novel first?

If someone reads a novel he has to think what he is reading about. He has to imagine his vision. It is impossible that two guys will have the same vision of what they are reading. Reading the book, every person will have vision which will be specific for each other. When producer reads the book he has also a vision which will be contain in his film so when someone watch the film based on the novel he sees only the producer vision. When people watch films their mind don’t have to work and they only watch it. So in my opinion people who choose to see the film first than read the novel are these who don’t like reading.

I, personally, think that writing novel can be more easier than making a film. It’s because when writer is writing a novel he doesn’t have to care about how can he make all the science fiction scene. But if the producer is making the film he has to do it as good as it is possible.

Despite everything I think that the original version is the best. Films basted on the novel or novels basted on the films are often worst than original.

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