A great fortune is a great slavery. - napisz rozprawkę na temat zalet i wad bycia bogatym

Most people living in this world dream about being a rich man. But we have to quest ourself: would I be happy if I were rich? There are many advantage and disadvantage of having a great fortune.
Perhaps the richest people in the world haven?t got problems. They can buy everything, they can do everything. But is it true? We should ask: is money the most important thing in the world? Let?s think about Bill Gates, the richest man, an owner of Microsoft. He can buy everything what he wants, he can travel around the world, he can require everything from his employees. In fact, we don?t know if he takes part in inventing new programs and technologies by Microsoft. In date he hasn?t to commit in his company invents. He pays his people and they do everything.
However there are many advantages, let?s try to see a disadvantages of great fortune. Rich people can?t imagine their life without their richness. Therefore if someone lost all his money, he would go mad. Otherwise, we require from them, some special behavior. They can?t afford to do all what we do. For example if Bill Gates went on some meeting in t-shirt, jeans and sport shoes it could be some misbehavior. Children of rich people are unhappy I think. They can?t have fun with other children. They are subjected to kidnapers all the time.
In my point of view a great fortune isn?t so great in truth. I think that if someone poor man won a million on a lottery, some day he would dream about coming back to his life in the past.

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