Wady i zalety zakupów w hipermarketach. Advantages and disadvantages of shopping in hypermarkets.

Shopping in enormous hypermarkets is ordinary nowadays. Various concerns build their shops in every town. They seem to have become the most popular place for shopping. Although hypermarkets certainly make our lives easier, there are also some obvious drawbacks involved.
The main advantage of hypermarkets is the price of products which customers can buy. Not only can we find the cheaper food or cosmetics there but also we are offered many atrractive promotions. The articles are sold in bigger wrappings or we can have two products instead of one at the same price.What is more, if we look the sunglasses, eggs or a telly, we can find it in the hypermarket. We do not have to shop around the town so we save our time. Besides, more and more people admit that Saturday shopping is their new form of family entertainment.
On the other hand, hypermarkets can be dangerous for our wallets. Supermarket customers are strongly infuenced by advertising and they often buy things they do not need. While shopping in a hypermarket, some of them cannot limit themselves to the shopping list. Moreover, opening new hypermarkets causes the bankruptcy of small grocer’s or greengrocer’s. The shopkeepers do not have enough money to compete with hypermarkets and organise advertising campaings.
To sum up, the hypermarkets may sometimes be a nuisance, but in my opinion shopping there is much easier and pleasant. I am sure the popularity of this places will be still growing.

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