The advantages and disadvantages of using computers

At present computers are usually used in many walks of our life. What they mean for us? They have many applications in science, technology. Since they were invented in 1948 they have became necessary in our life. Even so computers have also some disadvantages.
Using computers offers many pros. Firstly, owning to computers we can keep accounts, write personal letters and do our homework. It is much easier and more aesthetic to write something in computer and print it than type or pen. Also, computer can be useful in office. When you use it you have less paperwork and mess. Then your work is more efficiency and organised, so your boss is glad. What is more computers are being increasingly used in medicine. They are very helpful in medical diagnosis, patient monitoring and general hospital administration.
On the other hand using computers has several disadvantages. They are very bad for health. For example screens destroy eyes even with a low radiation screen. Many people complain for that issue, because then they have to pay for oculists and wear glasses. Also there are a lot of viruses which can influence a computer and destroy the data bank. It is a problem for banks and big concerns which store many of information inside their computers.

In conclusion, computers obviously has both good and bad points. We should remember that computers is especially important to the young generation, that’s why young people ought to know how to use new technology keeping safeness.

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