List o Bożym Narodzeniu w Polsce

Dear Anna!
I wabt to gree you on my first letter very cordially and thank for your last letter and the photos.
It will describe leaves letters in for you my traditions
Christmas in Poland and I would like as they look in (to) holy < holiday > English.
Polish Christmas has many tradition. On 24 December people belived that the first person who enters the hause should be a man,
because it bring luck.
When the first star appears in the sky, people take their seats at the Christmas table.
They leave an empty place for an unexpected guest. Traditionally dishes should be twelve.
The most popular dishes are red borsch , pies ar sour cabbage with mushrooms, fish (usually carp) and pappy-seed cake.
Before the family starts eating, all its members share the holy wafer. There is also a custom of giving presents.
At midnight many people go to church. The first day of Christmas – 25 December is usually spent at home.
The second day of Christmas is spent in a different way.
People visit one another, talking or singing carols. From that day the festivities begin .As they look Christmas in English??
I wait for fast answer
It salute parents and familly
For seeing


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