Spiderman english


Based on comics by the same title
Director – Sam Raimi; Screenplay – David Koepp; Special Effects Designer – John Dykstra; Music – Danny Elfman
Tobey Magiure, who is probably one of Hollywood’s best young actors, plays Peter Parker, a New York high school student. Everyone has fun at him because he wears glasses and unfashionable clothes. Peter lives with his Uncle Ben (Cliff Robertson) and Aunt May (Rosemary Harris). Parker’s only friend is a rich boy, Harry Osborne (James Franco). They are both in love with a red-haired girl,
Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst).
One day, during the school trip, Parker gets bitten by a genetically altered spider. Its DNA mixes with Peter’s. Soon Peter notices some strange things going on with his body and mind. As a normal boy during the day, he becomes a superhero at night, and fights with evil.

Harry’s scientist father Norman (Willem Dafoe) is working on some kind of steroid solution to make humans faster and stronger – and tests it on himself. But the tests fail and Norman becomes a Green Goblin – an unusually and deadly dangerous creature - trying to destroy the city. SpiderMan musts stop him. The fight begins…

In my opinion SpiderMan was quite pleasant to watch. Tobey Maguire makes a very likeable character. One can really admire his relationships with his aunt and uncle, Mary Jane, or even the Osbornes. Willem Defoe as Norman/Green Goblin is perfect in his dual acting, in opposite to Kirsten Dunst’s performance, which is not
a memorable one.

The special effect scenes, including the final fight between Maguire and Dafoe, look obviously computer – generated. However, I really enjoyed the comedic scenes, especially the ones with Peter discovering his amazing abilities – he tries to sling
a web for the first time, using different catchphrases.

The movie s quite good and I suggest seeing it, especially the fans of the old SpiderMan comic books.

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