Describe how major life events can influence the development of the individual.

Describe how major life events can influence the development of the individual.

There are many life changes which influence on peoples life individually. Each individual changes will experience differently. Changes like, starting school, leaving home or losing job may affect our health and well being. Some of the events have positive influence on us but some of them may be stressful and depressed for some people. Some people might be able to able to cope with these changes very ease. Sometimes is depending of person, on individual experience and manage with many problems. Life event results have an individual self concept. Some of life events might change an individual understanding of themselves and the behaviours may get changes. Starting school might be a positive experience for some children, but also might be negative and not nice. It all depends of child and their parents, and how they cope with the change.

Starting school

Starting school can be the first major of event. Sometimes people will remember the first day in school with some reasons. Children usually are nervous and very exciting that day. They want to now how the school look like, how is in school, how the children are, and who the teacher looks. For some children is might be the first day without family, mother and father. Children might be upset and they might cry because they miss them. In the first day children do not know what to expect from all this new things and people who they meet. They learn lots of new skills and them spending time and energy with meeting everyone. They find out many things which then did not before. But not every one is happy and exiting about going to school. For some children it is hard to live families, there are so much attachment to their parents fell hard to left them at home with someone. They are frightening by other children and teachers, they don’t know what to do and how to turn up. They didn’t want to play with others; they have negative attitude to new things and people. The first day at school they remind ass they worst day in their life.

However there are children who feel safe and comfortable to stay with carers and other strangers. Parents learned them that they do not have to be afraid of children and teachers; they already accustomed them with that day before. They find school interesting and they are enjoying going to it.

The birth of sibling

Gaining a new baby is a big event in family and other relationship. It may also change relationship between child and their parents. The reaction on the event is depending for example how old a child is. Younger children may feel happy and pleas with that news. They usually want to have someone new to play with and care. Older children might have mixed emotions. They feel happy but sometimes they also feel jealous when the parents are gets more attention to new baby then to them. They did not understand that little child needs to have more care and attention then older; they feel lineless and sometimes unwanted. There are many positive and negative aspects of influences with gaining a new brother or sister in the family.

Child may feel needed because they can hep with care for baby. They also are pleased because they will have more child t play and hanging out. The child might feel more self-esteem because they will be response for the younger.

In the second side child may feel forlorn because parents give more attention to infant and in the later time they may competition with the baby on the parents favour.

Leaving home

Leaving children may go away to study in different town or work, have their own family and some people are just run away from their home and parents to start new live with new people. Leaving home has a big change in people, both emotional asses well as social. People leaving home and have their own family might start their live on the new rules and methods then their parents did. They might initiate a new values and own believes into their house and family. Some people feel hard to leave family; they couldn’t make it with their own live because they miss their family a lot. They didn’t know about taking care on own houses, paying the bills, buying food and many other things. To this time they have someone to do this for them and now the feel confuse and lost. For someone being independent is something what they wait for long period of time. It is the time they could show their family how responsible and resourceful she/he can be in their own life.


Marriage it is something permanently, for rest of our live, how anyway should be. It is a big step is relation ship. People getting marriage, move out from they home place and having their own family. Sometimes happen that all this things are happen is the same time. Some of couple are living together, without marriage, but some cultures and religion forbid this kind of things. People could have a baby and live together only after marriage, not earlier. Some people might feel lost, in their own house, this new husband/wife. Wife is starting to be responsible for husband, house and children when they come.


Divorce is a period which people get through very badly, ass well as children. One of three marriages is likely to get divorce in present. Some of a problems appear in marriage are appear even on the beginning of relationship. People are not prepared appropriately to this period and realize the consequences of their early decisions. They get marriage but they don’t know how to be a serious wife/husband, and they didn’t grow up properly to this. In past people did not get divorce ass often as in the nowadays. Each year over a third of marriages are likely to be re-marriages. Some of people experience divorce negatively but it also better than living in unhappy and stressful relationship. For someone people it is a new way, different way to be happy and start a new life alone or with some one else. People are more likely to develop more positive self concept following divorce. But also for some people divorce it might be something traumatic like end of the world, they couldn’t live normally, forget about person and move forward over life alone.

Childbirth and parenthood

New baby, life in relationship it is a huge step forward for parents and close persons. People who are prepare for that period like having baby are more likely to be happy and get through better then people who aren’t prepare, who have baby in young age or by accidentally. Parents learn how to take care of baby, they learn new experience and skills but also they have time to have it. Becoming a parent also involves losses. Parents might loos lot of money because they have to pay for baby stuff, needed things and sometimes child care. Parents may also loose they free time and close touch with friends because they couldn’t go out like they can before. Parents can loose opportunities to many things. They are depended from baby, and they have to set in according to its needs. Sometimes they can’t go to full time work or go to holiday and travel every where like they did before. Mothers and fathers can lose sleep because baby is crying at night and they con not do anything about this. Parents are also likely to involve some anxiety about new situation and role of being a parent.


Elderly people are not able to work full time job anymore. People over 60s are going to pensions or getting part time job. Retirement may become very flexible for some people who still want to do their job. Retirement can involve a major change for people who have worked in full time job and stop working. It may affect their self-esteem and self concept with the time. People may lose of income when they have to live on the state pension. They may also lose their work friends and routine when they retire. Some elderly people move to their children and help them with their life and children. They have more time to spend with family and close friends. Retired person may get depressed and stress because they do not have place and work to do. They start to think about death and they did not see reason to live anymore. Retirement have more time for their own hobby and interesting things like travel and thoroughly enjoy themselves. For some people it is a good time to have rest and spend more time for friends, family and relatives.

Death of loved one

People died at any stages of live. Some of them died at very young stages for example by accident, but rest of them with reason of old age. It is very hard to lose someone that you love and care about. However death is a stage which reaches all people, we can not run away from it. Lose a partner may bring along more duties and pain. Some things which you did together, you have to do by yourself now. Bereavement can mean that you have to learn how to live alone as a single person. It may affect peoples well being and also health. Some people can’t believe that their partner is really dead. They may get depressed and lose their eagerness to live. People get through this time very well, and also very bad. It is depend on people individually. Stronger people will try to go forward but others might stay in the same points.

Trauma and abuse

Trauma and abuse may be affecting of some pass experience like violence or neglect. It is a huge form of physical and emotional results and it may affect people’s life even for a long period of time. Some people after trauma are not able to live normally and happy any more. There are many bad results of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, and financial and neglect. All of them may affect peoples individually and differently in depend of human. This kind of bad experience may cause damage on person inside and outside. People might lose their self-esteem and confidentially. Experience of abuse may affect people’s development in childhood as well as in later life.

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